Burn extra calories without doing additional exercise

By Pris Chew

You may have a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet, but somehow you are finding that the weight is still not going down.

Here are some simple habits that you can include into your daily routine to increase your rate of fat burn. If you are trying to lose that stubborn 1kg that’s left to get to your ideal weight, then the incorporation of the habits below, into your daily routine, may just be the solution that you might need.

1) Keep Moving Around

By simply moving around – doing movements such as tapping your feet, constantly changing your sitting position or standing and walking around every hour, or even stretching on a regular basis – you will be expending more energy than someone who simply sits still like a log, and therefore will be burning more calories at the same time.

2) Sleep More

By sleeping more, this helps to suppress those cravings for midnight snacks. From my personal experiences, I have found that when I get regular sleep, my body is less likely to crave for sugary snacks at odd hours. But when I am lacking sleep, my body wants that instant sugar boost, so it starts to hanker for sweet or sugary things at weird times of the day. Try to get about eight hours a night – that is the recommended amount of sleep for an adult.

3) Expose yourself to the cold

Try not to wear that sweater next time you are in a cold movie theatre or chilly environment if you want to burn more calories.

Personally I find this to be true from my own experiences. When I am in a cold environment, I tend to get more hungry as compared to when I am somewhere warm. This is a sign that my body is burning more calories when I am cold.

4) Laugh More

Have you ever wondered why you feel as though you need to catch your breath after a laughing fit? I have certainly felt this way – after a few minutes of laughing fit, the feeling that I get is similar to the feeling after completing high intensity exercises for about five minutes. This is a sign that laughing is burning calories. So why not simply do a lot of laughing during the day?

Grinning when you next use the bathroom scale

As you can see, these are quite easy tips to follow, and might just mean the difference between successfully losing that 1kg or 2kg of stubborn fat to reach your goal weight. For a healthy adult, including these fat burn habits into your daily routine, could be the difference between gradual weight gain versus weight maintenance.

So why not try some of these tips, and you will be grinning widely when you stand on the bathroom scale next time.


About the author:

Priscilla Chew is the winner of Best Health & Wellness Blog at the 2015 Singapore Blog Awards. Pris is Astavita’s sports ambassador. She attributes her stamina to cope with her running lifestyle with the help of Astavita’s Sports. She hopes her passion for running and sports will inspire other people to exercise on a regular basis for fitness and health. You may follow her on Instagram: prisgooner

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