Fai A Gaffa

A runner in the mornings, a fitness trainer by day, a health and fitness enthusiast all the time. I have led my life with the idea of not just having a well balanced and holistic life, I have also set it upon myself to live my life as how I would hope everyone else would.

I spent the early years of my youth not in dark room with thumping bass but out in the open, either running or swimming. It all started with swimming where I took lessons in elementary school and realized that I could do decently well at it, while enjoying the sport plus the competition. This then translated to me taking part in local and regional competitions where I did place in a number of them.

While throughout the years I was taking part in swimming, I was always playing football recreationally. I finally took the step to have a go at it and managed to do decently well at it too. I was blessed with a decent ability to run and that aided me in standing out. This went on to a similar trajectory as swimming where I was able to compete both locally and regionally, as well as placing in them.

This was the turning point. I realized I was able to enjoy going out for long runs and truly enjoy being one with my mind. This was when I decided to pursuit running as a sport. Going first into marathons, then to triathlons, did a few Iron Man races, and finally decided I would pursuit Ultra Marathon Running and have not looked back since.

I have taken part in a number of Ultra Marathon Races, the most recent ones being Ultra Trail Mont Blanc and The Most Beautiful Thing. Both races were at more than 100km each. I have constantly been faced with the question of why and how.

Why? Why not. I enjoy the mental and physical challenge. I enjoy thinking this is a difficult task but I know I can do it. Most of all, I enjoy setting a high bar for myself where I have no choice but to achieve it. It might be stressful but I enjoy requiring a high level from myself and I have shown it in the numerous things I have gotten myself into.

How? Well, this has always been followed by the question of knees or body or back. Well, through training. Being a part of GRIT Gym has allowed me to learn more and improve on my mobility, which helps. The personalized running technique I have learnt also helps in reducing the impact on my body.

I hope I could one day be an inspiration to anyone who is in their fitness pursuit but till that day comes, all I can be sure of is that I would expect nothing but the best out of myself and I hope you do that too. Expect greatness.


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