Food Cravings: Reasons

By Pris Chew

When we have food cravings, it is maybe because of a physiological reason, rather than an actual craving for that type of food.

Here are some of the more common food cravings and what they mean.

Water or Ice

If you are craving for water or ice, this may mean that you are thirsty, or else it could also mean that you are tired and you are craving for a perk in your energy level – that comes with the chewing of ice.

Or it may also be a sign of imbalance in your body’s sugar level and craving for water is your body’s way of flushing out the excess sugar too.

Fatty Foods

When you crave for fatty foods like French Fries or a pack of potato chips, this may mean that you are simply feeling stressed, anxious, sad or bored.

Sometimes when you have these cravings you may not even be hungry. Instead next time this happens to you, try and take a walk or get something to make yourself busy, to determine whether you are truly hungry or you are simply eating because you are bored.

Sometimes, when I am craving for potato chips and I’m busy with work or other chores, the cravings tend to go away. So this means that I am not actually hungry or in need of those potato chips.

Sweets and Candies

If you find that you are craving for candies or anything else sweet, this could possibly mean that you are thirsty. Next time you have cravings for sweets, try and drink a glass of water and see if that satisfies those cravings.

Personally I find that this often helps. When I feel like I want sugar, water seems to satisfy these cravings, rather than actual sweet foods.

Or if not, this could also mean that the body is tired and that it needs fuel. This is common when you skip meals due to a lack of time, so your body is trying to balance things out by asking you to eat sweet things. But try and go for some natural sugars such as found in fruits, instead of the unhealthy, sugary snacks.


If you find yourself craving chocolate, this may mean that you are seeking love, intimacy or romance. So instead of simply reaching out for that unhealthy chocolate bar, why don’t you cuddle up to your other half or send him/her a message and see if that satisfies your cravings?


If you are craving for some carbs, such as bread, pasta, porridge, rice or noodles, this is a sign that you are seeking comfort.

Maybe it is because you have had a bad day at work or else your boss has been unreasonable towards you, and so you need to talk to someone to share your feelings.


Now that you know what are some of the common food cravings and what they may mean. But perhaps next time, try to use alternative methods to satisfy them instead of simply reaching out for that food.


About the author:

Priscilla Chew is the winner of Best Health & Wellness Blog at the 2015 Singapore Blog Awards. Pris is Astavita’s sports ambassador. She attributes her stamina to cope with her running lifestyle with the help of Astavita’s Sports. She hopes her passion for running and sports will inspire other people to exercise on a regular basis for fitness and health. You may follow her on Instagram: prisgooner

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