How To Feel More Confident At The Gym

By Pris Chew

So you have decided to do something about your fitness levels and you have signed up for a gym membership to take action.

But on your maiden visit to the gym, the first thing that you see are buff and toned guys and gals strutting their stuff.

Naturally you may feel self-conscious and clueless in front of them.

Trust me – I know exactly how that feels. I have been in the same situation before.

Here are some tips on how you can eliminate those nerves and feel more comfortable about your first trip to the gym.

1) Join A Class

If you don’t really know what to do at the gym, signing on for a class is a great way to begin. This will get you familiar with how the gym works and you can learn a few exercises while you are at it, too.As well, doing a class may even help you to meet new fitness kakis, whom you can then jio for future gym sessions.

2) Find Workout Buddies

Having workout buddies will help you at the gym, as you can motivate each other, and as a result, you’ll find yourself looking more forward to your gym sessions.

It will help if your buddy is of a similar fitness level to you, too, in order to build your confidence at the gym.

Personally, I have found that having workout buddies definitely helps me to stay more driven to keep up with my fitness sessions, as we hold each other accountable to turn up for the session and then to get the workout done.

3) Get A Trainer

If you need some guidance at the gym, another great way to do so would be to get a personal trainer, who will help you feel comfortable during your time at the gym.

And as well, he or she will also prescribe you with some exercises to do, based on your current fitness levels. This should help you to build some gym confidence also.

4) Have A Plan

Knowing what to do before you set foot in the gym will definitely help you to figure out what to do when you get there.

For example, do you want to do cardio or are you going to head for the strength training equipment?
This will help you to narrow down the type of equipment that you want to use, so that you can head straight there purposefully and confidently.

The last thing you want is to enter the gym and then find yourself walking around aimlessly, uncertain of how to progress.

For me, I always make sure that I have a plan when I head out for my workouts, and this helps me to make the most of the time that I have available to me, in addition to getting my workouts done purposefully and with a goal in mind.

If you are new to strength training, I would suggest that you begin with body weight exercises such as squats and lunges, rather than plumping straight for the weights – and making a fool of yourself in the process.


Now, with these tips in mind, I wish you good luck for your fitness journey ahead and I hope that these tips will help you to feel more purposeful, driven and confident at the gym.


About the author:

Priscilla Chew is the winner of Best Health & Wellness Blog at the 2015 Singapore Blog Awards. Pris is Astavita’s sports ambassador. She attributes her stamina to cope with her running lifestyle with the help of Astavita’s Sports. She hopes her passion for running and sports will inspire other people to exercise on a regular basis for fitness and health. You may follow her on Instagram: prisgooner

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