How to not let your dog take you for a walk

By Paul Tan (Owner of Bailey the Golden)

A common sight we see daily is a dog pulling and leading their owners when they go out for a walk. This is a common problem and not only it is very frustrating for dog owners, it could get dangerous when you have a large dog like a golden retriever or a german shepherd. Dogs usually get quite excited when they know that they are going out for a walk. One key way to deal with this is to find out what triggers them. The obvious case here is he knows he is going out or you had informed him it’s time to go out.

To deal with this, for a start you can just put the leash on him and leave it on him without telling him that he is going out —  we are essentially eliminating the trigger words. Do this five to ten minutes before you go for his walk.  What you are doing here is to redirect his energy.  Instead of going for his walk, just go about doing your own activity like having a cup of coffee, sitting down and reading the papers. This will help break down the pre-walk pattern associated with the leash. Dogs are smart and they understand gestures and our body language. Soon enough he will understand.  What we want is for them to be in a calm state of mind.

Be in control when you walk your dog.  One technique I often use when dealing with dogs who pull on the leash is to simultaneously create a sense of attention and surprise  so your furkid will be focused on you.

So, if your dog pulls, keep the leash loose and go ahead in the opposite direction.  You can choose to mix it up with brisk walking or running in the opposite direction. Do this a few times, making a few turns in the process and soon you will see his attention will be fixed on yo because he doesn’t know when your next turn is. While doing this, use a voice that sounds relaxed and say “let’s go” or “heel”.  After a few turns, you can get him to sit on command. This will help break up the pattern of him pulling you. Pause for a short while before you continue your walk. You will start to notice him giving you eye contact and being more attentive towards you during your walks.

Remember: when your dog is calm and not pulling you on the leash, it makes your walks a lot more enjoyable.


About the author:

Paul Tan is the owner of Bailey the Golden, our brand ambassador. Bailey started training for canine obedience competitions when he was 7 months old. He has appeared in several TV appearances, including a commercial with famed dog whisperer, Cesar Millan. Bailey is currently taking Astamate as part of his supplement diet. You may follow Bailey on Instagram: Bailey the Golden

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