Life of a student athlete

How performance and recovery are of utmost importance for sustaining an active lifestyle

By: Lynnette Koh

Most student athletes understand the demand placed on having to focus on both academics and juggling training throughout the semester. We train before class, in between class, and after class. Wake up, eat, study, train, sleep, repeat.  Yup that’s the life of a student athlete. Honestly being in university is the best time for us to enjoy and excel as athletes before adulting gets to us.

Being a student athlete majoring in sport and exercise science, are two things that really come in hand in hand. Not only did I develop an understanding of the human responses to sport and exercise but I could AND should actually apply this knowledge to how my own performance and recovery can be monitored, analysed and enhanced so that every training that I put myself through is fully optimized. I was kind of like my own guinea pig, putting to practice what I learned on myself.

As we all know, completion of every training session leads to an increase in numerous physiological stressors such as muscle damage, oxidative stress and inflammation. If recovery is inadequate following exercise, it may prevent completion of subsequent training sessions required to drive adaptation and/or improve performance. Inadequate recovery may also increase risks of injury, illness and overtraining. Hence any strategy to reduce the negative effect of exercise-induced muscle damage and/or accelerate the recovery process is greatly welcome for any athlete.

Exercise performance and recovery are two very important factors for all athletes, recreational or elite. With the help of Astavita Sports, a supplement containing AstaReal® astaxanthin, I feel that this year I’ve been able to enhance performance through the benefit of delayed onset of fatigue, really helping me in my endurance sports. Furthermore, what I found even more beneficial was the effect it had on recovery for me. Having gotten into triathlons recently while still pursuing my passion for sport climbing meant that I was juggling four different sports (climbing, swimming, cycling and running.) Most days required a double session of training. One in the morning and one in the evening just to be able to train sufficiently for all four sports. This can sound really exhausting but I grew to love triathlons as much as climbing and I didn’t want to give up either sport, so that just meant I had to manage both of them well.



Lynnette Koh is a sport climber and an aspiring triathlete. Despite a bad fall which resulted in a spinal fracture, she never gave up her love for sports and got up even stronger than before. She believes that the “impossible can be possible” and enjoys challenging herself. Lynnette consumes Astavita Sports to help her improve recovery from muscle fatigue. You may follow her on Instagram: @lynnettekoh

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