Meditation and weight loss

By Mona Gill

How can you integrate meditation into your weight loss journey?

I have been one to work out all the time for the last 14 years until I discovered the power of meditation in the last little while. For this to work you must have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

I truly believe that meditation not only helps with anxiety and reduces the levels of stress but it does also help with stabilising your hormones. Even if you are eating clean and working out consistently but have high levels of stress and can’t manage it well, you are going to have a hard time losing weight if that is one of your goals due to high cortisol levels. One of the biggest obstacles of weight loss is ourselves. Therefore, when we do embark on the traditional weight loss journey that includes working out and dieting, it tends to lead to short term results and also can contribute to low self-esteem and unhealthy eating habits. Thus, it is important to include meditation for long-term weight loss and to keep it off.

Meditation helps you become more aware of your mind and explores your motivations for weight loss and how you can get there. It also promotes self-love and compassion. Meditating does help us be more mindful and present while we are eating which is also self-care.

The best way to introduce meditation into your weight loss journey would be by taking small steps. Everyone experiences meditation differently so it’s important to not feel overwhelmed and start by just simply being mindful and more aware while eating, working and working out. When I say be more aware I simply mean being more present and slowing down, take note of what triggers your bad habits and what does slow your weight loss journey down. An example of a trigger would be eating too much dessert late at night or skipping breakfast. Once you have noted and practiced these steps, find a way to diffuse the situation, maybe take a walk when you feel like reaching out for desserts late at night or write down your emotions in a journal. This is self-love and self-care. If affirmations work for you, write them down or close your eyes and say them out loud and visualise your end goal. It is important to take care of your entire being for the mind and body to connect or it will always be a vicious cycle when it comes to a healthy long-term weight loss journey.

Meditation is the greatest thing you can do for yourself to achieve optimum health, reach your goal weight, happiness and also self-love.

Even if you are busy do find time every single day to take care and not neglect yourself, because once you are able to integrate meditation into your daily life, you are able to understand how to apply this in all aspects of your life and find true inner peace.


About the author:

Mona Gill is a busy mum and an entrepreneur. On top of that, she’s a yoga instructor and skincare expert. Mona is Astavita’s beauty and wellness ambassador. She attributes her stamina to cope with her busy lifestyle and still maintain clear complexion thanks to Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants and Astarism. Mona extols holistic wellness, keeping a healthy lifestyle and beauty from inside out.  You may follow her on Instagram: mkglife /yogamonadollsup

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