Mona Gill

36, a single mom, beauty influencer, makeup artist, fitness freak, yogi, educator and wellness/holistic nutrition coach. As busy as I can be, feeling good & being healthy has always been important to me and as it starts from within, beauty is henceforth inside out.

Working with people to help them achieve a healthy and balanced life while looking good is truly my passion. I hold a professional certification from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, a certified RHN. In addition, I also hold 2 certificates with Yoga from Yoga Works Canada & Universal Yoga Andre Lappa Singapore. My biggest platform/breakthrough in the industry came through when I came in runner up in Mrs Singapore 2015. That title has given me the opportunity to be at the audition judging of Miss Universe Singapore 2015/2016 – as well as their grooming coach in skincare and makeup.

Because of my love for makeup, I do conduct workshops as well in Makeup Application. My signature look is “Makeup under 10 mins” which focuses on looking polished under 10 mins for those who have a busy lifestyle such as myself. Skin care is also one of my main areas of concern as it sets your base for your makeup and so, having good skin starts from within so nutrition plays a huge part…. As what goes in does show on the surface eventually! Hence, skincare workshops for teenagers are one of my most requested.  I have worked with the United Nations, American Women’s Association, Scandinavian Women’s Association, Phantom Models & Piaget for various fashion events and expat fairs.

Being a very busy single mom to a two and a half year old, it has pushed me to take care of myself and educate others through my real life experiences, knowledge of nutrition and also my passion for yoga and fitness. My goal is to educate, support and empower everyone I work with. Motivation and inspiration is all I need to create a wellness plan that suits you for your lifestyle.
Last but not least, I live by my motto, “Let’s Get Real” which means everything I preach about is doable. So live a little. Start taking care of you. Do what you need to. My inspiration is my little girl Arya Layla who keeps me on my toes and definitely makes me appreciate the little things in life and also forces me to be still when I need to be as well as knowing when to breathe, smile and getting back into it!

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