Pet Expo 2019 Recap

And it’s a wrap!

We bid a fond farewell to a weekend of fun and pawsitive vibes!

From fun activities, awesome gift bags and lots of treats for your furkids, we’re sure that everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Day 1:

The Astavita Team prepped and ready for the first day of Pet Expo 2019!

Meet Bailey The Golden

Did you manage to catch Bailey the Golden and his Papa, Paul Tan at the Astavita Booth?
Everyone had a blast meeting him!

Bailey has been taking Astamate for 2 years, and his noticeably gleaming coat caught the attention of many. Astamate Pet Supplement is formulated specially for dogs to improve and maintain their overall health.

As your pet ages and may require more support, we want to make sure we do our best to maintain its health. Made from natural ingredients, Astamate is here to help you with improving their energy levels, muscle and joint health.

Day 2:

Saturday was by far the busiest day of out of Pet Expo’s 3-Day Event!

Get a Portrait of Your Pet by Puffingmuffin

Candice Phang (also known as THE Puffingmuffin) was here in the afternoon creating beautiful pieces of artwork for the adorable furkids! Those with quick hands that registered prior to the event got to take home a one-of-a-kind keepsake of their pets.

Since Candice had extremely limited slots that day, not everybody that dropped by had a chance to get portraits of their furkids done due to the overwhelming response!

Not to worry, you can contact her directly here for a quote here. Trust us, she’ll capture the very essence of your furkid down to a tee. You’ll probably be wanting a portrait of yourself done afterwards!

Day 3:

Ask Stephanie Keong

Do you absolutely adore your furkid to bits, but notice that they do get a little problematic (Think: constant barking) and seemingly hard-to-train issues?

Not to fear, we have Stephanie Keong to the rescue!

As a full-time dog behaviorist and the founder of HappyTails, Stephanie helped many grateful pet owners with their furkid’s underlying behavioral issues at the Pet Expo.

The practical and helpful tips to improve communication were a great help to struggling dog owners that needed a helping hand!

Remember that besides good nutrition and sufficient supplementation, a dog’s behavioral issues are a key factor to happiness in the household too!

If you missed out on getting Stephanie’s book at the Astavita booth, you can still get it here!

A portion of the proceeds will go to aid our charities SOSD Singapore, Causes for Animals and Exclusively Mongrels.

Let’s not forget meeting all the cute furkids!

Regardless of the frenzy (and cleaning up after all the furkids), we had an insane amount of fun meeting everyone.

Hope to see you next year!

Catch video highlights of Pet Expo 2019 at Astavita TV

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