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Sarah Tan

“You’re crazy to train everyday!” is a common remark, apart  from the weird stares I get when I tell others my motivation to work is so that I can finish my work on time and go for my training sessions. I am Sarah, a full-time HR executive doing talent management, although half the time I wished I was a full-time athlete.

I started doing competitive sports at a very late age of 21 – joining my university’s cross country and then later, aquathlon team. From a pure runner, under the influence of my teammates, I picked up triathlons and I had never once regretted, despite picking up plenty of unfortunate accidents which had set me back. Nonetheless, from all these setbacks, I learnt many things and it had moulded me to become a stronger and more resilient athlete, in addition to the experiences and opportunities I had.

I enjoy challenges and over the recent years, I was selected to join the national developmental team for cycling and was also later roped in to be a pilot (guide sitting in front of a tandem bike) for a visually-impaired athlete for tandem-cycling. Although we were on unchartered waters when we represented Singapore for the ASEAN Paragames 2017 and Asian Paragames 2018 for tandem-cycling, we managed to create history by winning the first medals in both games. While my partner had since retired from this sport, it was especially meaningful for me to work together with para-athletes and to help them achieve something beyond their goals. As such, I am still helping in the Paracycling Federation of Singapore as a volunteer pilot for the visually-impaired who want to cycle and hope to inspire more disabled people to join sports as a form of personal development and physical wellness. We do hope to grow the team to create para-sports history once again, if possible, in the next cycle of Asian Paragames 2022.

During my leisure time, I do enjoy the adrenaline rush not from roller coasters but from participating in triathlons and bike races. Following my foot surgery (another setback again which I would elaborate in my future posts..), I hope to build my base and go back  to building up race experience. Additionally,  I am interested in how nutrition and training impacts high performance and actually got to know about how Astavita can help me achieve better performance in sports while juggling a hectic lifestyle.

If you’re curious and like to find out about how I train and how Astavita has helped me with my recovery process, do read my upcoming posts or ask me out for a coffee ride.

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