Skin Care Truths

By Mona Gill

When it comes to skin care there are so many myths out there.

Here are some of my favourite myths and what skin care experts actually say about them.

Organic products are safe for everyone.

From my own experience not all organic products are suitable for my skin type. I actually break out into a rash from some of them.

According to experts, not all organic products are safe as it can also be potential allergens on the skin and can cause irritation.

You do not have to apply sunscreen when the sun is not out.

I am so guilty of this as I try to put less product on my face, but you have to use SPF even on cloudy days as the same amount of UV rays still reach the earth and sun damage is at a high risk.

If you have oily skin, avoid using moisturiser as it will lead to breakouts.

Something that I was also guilty for as my skin’s texture and hydration levels change according to the climate and diet.

According to experts, you should still use a moisturiser to maintain healthy skin. Pick a moisturiser that is light weight and oil-free instead.

Shaving your face will cause hair to grow back thicker and darker.

Firstly, that is not true speaking from experience. Shaving is a great way to exfoliate the top layer of your skin. Lots of high profile beauty bloggers and youtubers swear by it.

Botox is for older people.

This is false for sure! Lots of younger people are now getting Botox done as a preventative measure rather than correction later in life. Once again something a lot of those in the beauty industry are swearing by. Also, there are so many different forms of Botox now that are so natural-looking that you will not be able to even tell one does Botox injections unless they tell you personally.

With all this skin care talk, one of the highly recommended products is Astarism for all skin care needs that I myself have been using for nearly two years now. After moving back to Singapore from Canada, my skin had a hard time adjusting due to dietary changes, environmental factors and also hormones. I started using Astarism topically and also take the supplements to maintain my skin care health. I have to say that my skin has never looked and felt better. I apply Astarism  twice a day before my moisturiser and also during my night time skin care routine. I personally find that using it before bed time really lets your skin heal ,  rehydrates and plumps your skin especially if you have dry skin which helps reduce appearance of  fine lines especially my laugh lines.

Astarism facial serum is recommended to be used after cleansing your skin and before the application of your moisturiser 2 times a day for maximum benefits. Astarism contains astaxanthin that boosts skin base conditions for skin care to work on this leading to supple and useful skin. It fights against dryness, prevents wrinkles, supplies skins nutrients, keeps skin moist and maintains skin resilience.

Click here for more information on Astarism and its benefits.

Signing off till next time

Your beauty expert

Mona Gill

Instagram @mkglife @yogamonadollsup

About the author:

Mona Gill is a busy mum and an entrepreneur. On top of that, she’s a yoga instructor and skincare expert. Mona is Astavita’s beauty and wellness ambassador. She attributes her stamina to cope with her busy lifestyle and still maintain clear complexion thanks to Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants and Astarism. Mona extols holistic wellness, keeping a healthy lifestyle and beauty from inside out.  You may follow her on Instagram: mkglife.

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