Tips to lose weight that actually work

By Pris Chew

Have you been trying and struggling to lose weight for some time now?

If you are grappling with trying to lose weight, you are not alone. In fact, according to statistics by the World Health Organisation, worldwide obesity has trebled since 1975. As of 2016, more than 1.9 million adults around the world are overweight and out of these, 650 million are obese.

Overweight and obesity are measured with the Body Mass Index, which is a simple weight for height measurement that is used to classify how fat you are.

So if you are amongst the 1.9 billion overweight adults and you are looking to do something about it, then here area some simple weight loss tips that actually work.


By wearing a belt and tightening it to your natural waistline, you will find that the belt may tend to feel tight after meals. Do not adjust it. The belt feeling tight is a sign that you need to stop eating and put down your utensils.


This has physiological effects on a person because you do not want to see the numbers on the scale increasing. So by taking your weight every day, you will find yourself taking smaller portions of food or being more active throughout the day, and end up keeping the weight off.


This may sound counter intuitive but compared to carbohydrates, fat makes you feel full and keeps you feeling satisfied for longer, so you are less likely to overeat. So if you are feeling hungry about an hour after a meal, this is a sign that you do not have enough fat in your diet. So try and get more healthy fats which are found in nuts, avocados and fish such as salmon.


By posting your weight loss goals onto social media and telling everyone about it, this will make you feel more motivated and accountable to achieve your targets, and so you are thus more likely to lose weight.


Chilli contains a component called capsaicin, which temporarily speeds up metabolism after ingestion, and thus helps you to burn calories at a faster rate. So why not add chilli to your food more often?


If you are not sleeping well, you are more likely to feel hungrier and as a result, you will make unhealthy food choices. So if you make sure that up you get about seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night, this will help you to control your urges to snack on unhealthy foods such as candies and chocolate.


About the author:

Priscilla Chew is the winner of Best Health & Wellness Blog at the 2015 Singapore Blog Awards. Pris is Astavita’s sports ambassador. She attributes her stamina to cope with her running lifestyle with the help of Astavita’s Sports. She hopes her passion for running and sports will inspire other people to exercise on a regular basis for fitness and health. You may follow her on Instagram: prisgooner

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