Travelling and Exercise

By Pris Chew

In today’s highly inter-interconnected world, it is commonplace to travel frequently, whether it is for work or vacation.

But because you have to go on a trip, this is not an excuse to pig out, enjoy your destination city, and simply leave your fitness routine at home in the process.

So then, here are some tips on how to maintain your fitness routine when you embark on your next trip.

Pack in workout gear

If you pack some workout gear into your luggage, you will be able to do a workout, regardless of whether there is a gym at the hotel you are based at.

For instance, running clothes and shoes, skipping ropes and resistance bands will not take too much extra space in your luggage, and are there if you need to fit in a quick workout during your day.

And with your workout shoes in your luggage, this also serves as a reminder to you to get moving and get that workout in when you reach your destination city and open your luggage up.

Exercise before the day starts

It may be hard to get out of bed after a late night with colleagues, but sometimes this may be the only time that you have during the day to get your workout in. So try and pull yourself out of bed just half an hour early to say, run on the gym treadmill.

If there is no gym in your hotel though, then you can just exercise in your hotel room. There are so many exercises that you can do without leaving your room, such as bodyweight squats and lunges, burpees, mountain climbers and so on, and all of them will work up a good sweat after just 10 to 15 minutes when done correctly.

Wear a fitness tracker

Having a fitness tracker on will make you more aware if you have not gotten your workout in during the course of the day, and you may find yourself more eager to get in that run before the end of the day due to this. As well, when you are exploring your destination city and what it has to offer, a tracker around your wrist, is also a good way to track how many steps you are taking throughout the course of the day.

Attend Fitness Classes

Sometimes it may be good to check out what are the exciting new fitness classes in your destination, perhaps by asking your hotel concierge what they have to offer, or if there are any gyms around that you can check out on a guest pass.

In addition to getting your workout in, this may also be a great way to try out different types of workouts that you usually do not do back at home.


After reading through this article, I hope that these tips have inspired you to keep up your exercise regime when you are travelling, in your bid to stay healthy and fit.


About the author:

Priscilla Chew is the winner of Best Health & Wellness Blog at the 2015 Singapore Blog Awards. Pris is Astavita’s sports ambassador. She attributes her stamina to cope with her running lifestyle with the help of Astavita’s Sports. She hopes her passion for running and sports will inspire other people to exercise on a regular basis for fitness and health. You may follow her on Instagram: prisgooner

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